Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

32PACK.ZIP 1995-12-27 00:00 115K32bit Windows 3.1 drivers for Western Digital IDE Drivers.
ALLSTAR.ZIP 1996-05-29 00:00 224KWestern Digital IDE Superpack. Contains defect management and lowlevel utilities for Caviar series drives. Use with caution.
CHKBIOS.ZIP 1995-12-18 00:00 46KReports BIOS parameters for harddrives. (Western Digital)
DM603.ZIP 1994-06-20 00:00 394KDiskManager v.6.03 (WD Caviar utility).
DMPATCH.ZIP 1996-01-16 00:00 134KUpdates Western Digital Disk Manager v6.03, v6.03a, v6.03b and v6.03c to v6.03d with improved Win95, NT, OS2 and PS/1 compatibility.
EIDE.ZIP 1994-12-03 00:00 201KWindows help file about Western Digital drives
ESDI.ZIP 1987-07-20 00:00 88KWD-1007 Esdiohjaimen softa
EZDRIVE.ZIP 1996-03-07 00:00 291KMicrohouse's EZ-DRIVE for Western Digital harddrives. Allows usage of large (over 500mb) IDE drives with old system bioses.
FASTDISK.ZIP 1994-03-09 00:00 642KWestern Digitalin fastdisk-ajurit Windows 3.1:lle
ID.ZIP 1991-12-30 00:00 10KWestern Digitalin ID.EXE, jolla voi kaivaa ATID levyn parametrit itse levylt„.
OVERLAY.ZIP 1996-05-23 00:00 65KBIOS update for 1.0g, 1.2g and 1.6g Western Digital Caviar models.
WD7000DR.ZIP 1994-09-19 00:00 22KWestern Digital wd7000fasst SCSI controller NT driver
WDATIDE.EXE 1994-01-30 00:00 100KWD IDE Diagnostics V3.3
WDC-FIX.ZIP 1996-05-23 00:00 179KFixes problems with some new Western Digital Caviar drives that can cause physical drive failure. Problems exist only with Award BIOS.
WDFMT.ZIP 1996-08-12 00:00 48KHDD lowlevel formatter. Good.
WDFMT250.ZIP 1991-06-24 00:00 45KWestern Digital low-level format util.
WDIDEJMP.ZIP 1996-07-10 00:00 42KWestern Digital IDE drive jumper settings in Winword format (old)
WDINSTA.ZIP 1996-07-10 00:00 47KWestern Digital IDE HDD specs and jumpers in Winword6 format
WDWIN31.ZIP 1996-07-13 00:00 270KWestern Digital 32bit IDE driver for Win 3.11
WD_CAVAR.ZIP 1993-02-22 00:00 18KInformation, specifications and nstallation instructions for Western Digital Caviar 3 1/2 drives, wdac280 (80 MB) thru wdac2340 (340 MB), directly from the WD BBS.